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The Chase

Barbara (Jacqueline Hill) and Ian
 (William Russell) find a real police box
 on their jubilant return to 20th century Earth
Six episodes (The Executioners, The Death of Time, Flight Through Eternity, Journey Into Terror, The Death of Doctor Who, The Planet of Decision)
First broadcast May 22 to Jun 26 1965
Average audience for serial: 9.42m

William Hartnell (The Doctor) Jan 8 1908 to Apr 23 1975 (heart failure after a series of strokes) For a full career biography for William Hartnell, click here.

William Russell (Ian Chesterton) Born Nov 19 1924 For a full career biography for William Russell (aka Russell Enoch), click here.

Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright) Dec 17 1929 to Feb 18 1993 (bone cancer) For a full career biography for Jacqueline Hill, click here.

Maureen O'Brien (Vicki) Born Jun 29 1943 For a full career biography of Maureen O'Brien, click here.

Peter Purves (Morton Dill, Steven Taylor) Born Feb 10 1939 For a full career biography of Peter Purves, click here.


Hywel Bennett (Rynian) Apr 8 1944 to Jul 25 2017
Career highlights
After debuting in Doctor Who, Hywel went on to appear in The Idiot (1966), The Virgin Soldiers (1969), Loot (1970), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972), Pennies from Heaven (1978), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979), The Consultant (1983), The Twilight Zone (1986), Boon (1988), Virtual Murder (1992), Murder Most Horrid (1994), Karaoke/ Cold Lazarus (1996), Neverwhere (1996), Lock, Stock... (2000), EastEnders (2003), High Hopes (2005) and The Last Detective (2007). He is best known for playing James Shelley in the sitcom Shelley (1979-84) and The Return of Shelley (1988-92).
Between 1970-88 Hywel was married to Cathy McGowan, best known for presenting 1960s pop show Ready, Steady Go!. His brother was fellow actor Alun Lewis, while he was godfather to Crispian Mills (son of actress Hayley Mills and lead singer of the band Kula Shaker). You can see Hywel in the music video for Bonnie Tyler's Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It) (1986). In 2004 a newspaper article emerged which depicted Hywel as something of an unpleasant drunk, living in the seaside town of Deal in Kent (coincidentally, the same town that Carry On star Charles Hawtrey retired to in the 1980s, and also became known as an unpleasant drunk). Hywel retired from acting in 2007 due to ill-health.

Vivienne Bennett (Queen Elizabeth I) Jul 29 1905 to Nov 11 1978
Career highlights
Prolific Shakespearean stage actor Vivienne debuted on screen in Le Secret du Cargo (1929), followed by roles in Almost a Honeymoon (1938), A Midsummer Night's Dream (1946), Edward II (1947), The Mollusc (1949), The House in Paris (1952), No Hiding Place (1959), The Plane Makers (1963), Dixon of Dock Green (1969) and Love Story (1973).
Vivienne was married to actor Godfrey Kenton, who outlived her by 20 years.

David Blake Kelly (Captain Benjamin Briggs) Feb 17 1916 to Jan 21 1993
Doctor Who credits
Played: Captain Benjamin Briggs in The Chase (1965)
Played: Jacob Kewper in The Smugglers (1966)
Career highlights
He started his acting career as Diarmuid Kelly, debuting in I Killed the Count (1948), followed by Someone at the Door (1949), Treasure Island (1950), The Anatomist (1956) and The Adventures of Robin Hood (1957), after which he anglicised his name and appeared in William Tell (1959), Sergeant Cork (1964), Adam Adamant Lives! (1967), Spy Trap (1975), The Cherry Orchard (1981), Miss Marple: Nemesis (1987), Jeeves and Wooster (1990) and House of Cards (1990).
Often mistaken for another actor called David Kelly, who often played stereotypical Irish characters (such as in Fawlty Towers and Robin's Nest), but they are different actors.

Patrick Carter (Bosun)
Career highlights
Debuted in Quatermass II (1955), then The Plane Makers (1963), Sergeant Cork (1964), The Likely Lads (1966), Blue Blood (1973), The Devil's Crown (1978), The Cleopatras (1983), Charters and Caldicott (1985), Howards' Way (1985-86) and Between the Lines (1993).

Dennis Chinnery (Albert C Richardson) May 14 1927 to Feb 29 2012
Doctor Who credits
Played: Albert C Richardson in The Chase (1965)
Played: Gharman in Genesis of the Daleks (1975)
Played: Professor Sylvest in The Twin Dilemma (1984)
Career highlights
Dennis's career began with White Fire (1953), then Great Scott, It's Maynard (1956), Mostly Maynard (1957), Hancock's Half Hour (1957-59), The Plague of the Zombies (1966), The Avengers (1967), Orlando (1966-68), Hadleigh (1969), Harriet's Back in Town (1973), Survivors (1975), Reilly: Ace of Spies (1983), The Bill (1989) and The Right Impression (2005).
The character of the accident-prone vet in black comedy The League of Gentlemen was named Mr Chinnery after Dennis.

Richard Coe (TV announcer)
Career highlights
Richard's CV includes Treasure Island (1957), Little Women (1958), Emergency Ward 10 (1961), Let's Go Out (1965), Man in a Suitcase (1968), Strange Report (1969) and The House That Dripped Blood (1971).

Roslyn De Winter (Grey lady)
Doctor Who credits
Played: Vrestin in The Web Planet (1965)
Insect movement: The Web Planet (1965)
Played: Grey lady in The Chase (1965)
Career highlights
Australian mime artiste Roslyn's other work includes The Big Day (1959), Anthony and Cleopatra (1959), Day of the Drongo (1964), Interlude (1968), Champion House (1968), Homicide (1970), The Long Arm (1970), Dimboola: the Stage Play (1973), Cash and Company (1975), Mouth to Mouth (1978), Against the Wind (1978) and All the Rivers Run (1983).

Douglas Ditta (Willoughby) Born 1938
Career highlights
After debuting in Emergency Ward 10 (1962), Douglas appeared in This Man Craig (1966), The Saint (1968), Edna the Inebriate Woman (1971) and All Creatures Great and Small (1990).
Scotsman Douglas's son is screenwriter Aschlin Ditta, who has worked on series such as No Angels, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, The Catherine Tate Show and Mr Sloane. Other than acting, Douglas's other roles have included managing Ipswich Arts Centre, and being head of drama at the King's School, Ely.

Arne Gordon (Guide) Dec 26 1915 to Jun 2004
Doctor Who credits
Played: Hrostar in The Web Planet (1965)
Played: Guide in The Chase (1965)
Career highlights
After debuting in Doctor Who as a humanoid butterfly, Arne went on to appear in No Hiding Place (1966), Virgin of the Secret Service (1968), Judge Dee (1969), Van der Valk (1973), Dempsey and Makepeace (1985) and Around the World in 80 Days (1989).

David Graham (Dalek voice and Mechanoid voice) Born Jul 11 1925 Click here for David Graham's entry on The Daleks

Murphy Grumbar (Mechanoid operator) Aug 16 1928 to May 5 1991 Click here for Murphy Grumbar's entry on The Daleks (as Peter Murphy)

Roger Hammond (Francis Bacon) Mar 21 1936 to Nov 8 2012 (cancer)
Doctor Who credits
Played: Francis Bacon in The Chase (1965)
Played: Dr Runciman in Mawdryn Undead (1983)
Career highlights
Roger's prolific career began in The Villains (1964), and saw appearances in You Can't Win (1966), The Avengers (1967), The First Churchills (1969), Casanova (1971), The Onedin Line (1972), Churchill's People (1975), When the Boat Comes In (1976), The Duchess of Duke Street (1976), Emmerdale (1980), Airline (1982), The Tripods (1984), Miss Marple: Nemesis (1987), One Foot in the Grave (1990), Campion (1990), the Uncle Jack... series (1991-93, playing M), Orlando (1992), The Madness of King George (1994), Kavanagh QC (1997), Bedazzled (2000), Rome (2005), Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (2006), City of Vice (2008) and The King's Speech (2010).
Between 1968-75 Roger was married to actress Helen Weir, best remembered as Pat Sugden in soap Emmerdale.

Peter Hawkins (Dalek voice) Apr 3 1924 to Jul 8 2006 Click here for Peter Hawkins's entry on The Daleks

Robert Jewell (Dalek operator) Jan 20 1920 to May 10 1998 Click here for Robert Jewell's entry on The Daleks

Kevin Manser (Dalek operator) Feb 16 1929 to Dec 21 2001 (bowel cancer) Click here for Kevin Manser's entry on The Daleks

Robert Marsden (Abraham Lincoln) Aug 22 1921 to Apr 5 2007
Doctor Who credits
Played: Abraham Lincoln in The Chase (1965)
Played: Prisoner in The Mind of Evil (1971, uncredited)
Played: UNIT soldier in The Mind of Evil (1971, uncredited)
Career highlights
Debuted in The Cruise of the Toytown Belle (1950), followed by roles in The Tempest (1951), Emil and the Detectives (1952), Treasure Island (1957), The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (1958) and Licensed to Kill (1965).
Robert, who lost an eye in a schoolboy accident, was primarily a stage and radio actor, and was also a drama coach until failing eyesight (caused by glaucoma) in the 1960s led to his retirement. Robert specialised in portrayals of Abraham Lincoln, hence his choice for this brief appearance. He was a professional contemporary and friend of acting greats John Gielgud, Edith Evans and Peter Ustinov, and was also a prolific performer of children's songs and recitals on the radio.

John Scott Martin (Dalek and Mechanoid operator) Apr 1 1926 to Jan 6 2009 (Parkinson's Disease) Click here for John Scott Martin's entry on The Web Planet

John Maxim (Frankenstein*) Jul 20 1925 to Jan 20 1990 (heart attack)
Doctor Who credits
Played: Frankenstein* in The Chase (1965)
Played: Cyberman in The Moonbase (1967 - as John Wills)
Career highlights
Australian John's acting career began with Ivanhoe (1958), followed by roles in William Tell (1959), Consider Your Verdict (1963), The Big Spender (1965), Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) and The Prisoner (1967).
*The character John portrays is actually Frankenstein's monster, not the scientist who created it.

Jack Pitt (Mire beast, cabin steward and Mechanoid operator) Jul 15 1940 to May 26 2003 (bronchial pneumonia)
Doctor Who credits
Played: Zarbi in The Web Planet (1965)
Played: Mire beast in The Chase (1965)
Played: Cabin steward in The Chase (1965)
Played: Mechanoid in The Chase (1965)
Played: Dalek in The Daleks' Master Plan (1965-66)
Played: Gearon in The Daleks' Master Plan (1965-66, uncredited)
Career highlights
Jack's only other credited work was playing Horatio in Nelson: A Study in Miniature (1966).

Al Raymond (Prondyn)
This is Al's only known role, except for as an uncredited extra in The Reign of Terror (1964).

Malcolm Rogers (Count Dracula) Born Nov 7 1936
Doctor Who credits
Played: Count Dracula in The Chase (1965)
Played: Second policeman in The Daleks' Master Plan (1965-66)
Career highlights
Other credits include One Man Absent (1958), then Compact (1964), The Big Spender (1965), Privilege (1967), The Blood Beast Terror (1968), Napoleon and Love (1972), The Legend of Robin Hood (1975), Out (1978), Pink Floyd's The Wall (1982, as the Teacher), Ever Decreasing Circles (1986), Rumpole of the Bailey (1988), Cold Lazarus (1996), Pure Wickedness (1999), The Sleeping Dictionary (2003), Dirty Filthy Love (2004), Casualty (2006), Psychoville (2009) and The Man Who Married Himself (2010).

Gerald Taylor (Dalek operator) Oct 11 1940 to Dec 4 1994 Click here for Gerald Taylor's entry on The Daleks

Ian Thompson (Malsan) Born Aug 11 1939
Doctor Who credits
Played: Hetra in The Web Planet (1965)
Played: Malsan in The Chase (1965)
Career highlights
Ian's prolific career began with 1956's David Copperfield, followed by roles in The Old Curiosity Shop (1962), The Persuaders (1972), Crown Court (1974), Sam (1975), Couples (1975), Little Lord Fauntleroy (1976), Blake's 7 (1978), Freud (1984), Inside Story (1986), Andy Capp (1988), Moon and Son (1992), Our Friends in the North (1996), Midsomer Murders (1999), Wire in the Blood (2005) and The All Together (2007). He had the regular role of John Porter in A Family at War (1970-72).

Ken Tyllsen (Mechanoid) 1939 to Jun 11 2014
Doctor Who credits
 First Sensorite/ Scientist in The Sensorites (1964)
Played: Mechanoid in The Chase (1965)
Played: Dalek in The Evil of the Daleks (1967)
Career highlights
Ken's other credited TV work included Doctor in the House (1970), but he had also worked for the Royal Ballet and National Theatre.
Since the 1980s Ken was a member and vice-president of the Adlerian Society, the Institute for Individual Psychology and Counselling, and worked closely with the mental health charity MIND. There are some lovely tributes to Ken from fellow Adlerians here.

Hugh Walters (William Shakespeare) Mar 2 1939 to Feb 13 2015
Doctor Who credits
Played: William Shakespeare in The Chase (1965)
Played: Commentator Runcible in The Deadly Assassin (1976)
Played: Vogel in Revelation of the Daleks (1985)
Career highlights
Other credits include The Larkins (1963, as Georgie), Nicholas Nickleby (1968), Ivanhoe (1970), Never Say Die (1970), Doctor at Large (1971), The Fenn Street Gang (1971-72), Jason King (1972), Survivors (1975), Clayhanger (1976), Thomas and Sarah (1979), Holding the Fort (1982), Miss Marple: The Body in the Library (1984), Chance in a Million (1986), The Russ Abbot Show (1991), The Brittas Empire (1996), Bernard's Watch (1999), Cor Blimey! (2000, as Charles Hawtrey), Doctors (2006), Sold (2007) and M.I High (2011). He also wrote for and played Peter Pringle in the series The Train Now Standing (1971-72).
Some lovely tributes to Hugh can be found here.

Edmund Warwick (Robot Dr Who) Jul 15 1907 to Dec 21 1989
Doctor Who credits
Played: Darrius in The Keys of Marinus (1964)
Played: Dr Who in The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964, uncredited)
Played: Robot Dr Who in The Chase (1965)
Career highlights
Edmund appeared in Sherlock Holmes (1951), numerous times in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1957-60), as well as Z Cars (1963), R3 (1964) and with Joan Collins in The Stud (1978).
Apparently Edmund complained about not being cast as the First Doctor in The Five Doctors (1983), as the actor often doubled for William Hartnell when the star was on holiday or ill.


Terry Nation (writer) Aug 6 1930 to Mar 9 1997 (emphysema) Click here for Terry Nation's entry on The Daleks

Richard Martin (director) Born Jan 3 1935 Click here for Richard Martin's entry on The Daleks

Verity Lambert (producer) Nov 27 1935 to Nov 22 2007 (cancer) Click here for Verity Lambert's entry on An Unearthly Child

Dennis Spooner (story editor) Dec 1 1932 to Sep 20 1986 (heart attack) Click here for Dennis Spooner's entry on The Reign of Terror

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