Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Use This Blog

  • Each broadcast story (plus Shada) in Doctor Who's history since 1963 has its own entry on the blog. For some of the 21st century stories, their accompanying prelude/ TARDISode is also present if it has a different enough cast. I've also included 1993's Dimensions in Time because as far as I'm concerned that's canonical Doctor Who, but I haven't included The Curse of Fatal Death (comedy sketch) or spin-offs such as K-9 & Company, The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood. Oh, and that Class thing It takes long enough to maintain just this site!
  • An A-Z of the stories can be found down the left-hand side of the blog, with any story beginning with "The" listed under 'T'. This story list also includes other categories of interest, such as particular Doctors, Articles or Career Biographies. There is also a search engine at the top right of the blog to search for specific words or names.
  • Each entry is laid out with the regular credited cast first. With William Hartnell and his companions, there is a link through to their separate full entries (to save space). For the Second Doctor onwards, a new Doctor, companion or frequent regular will be listed fully for their first appearance, and all subsequent appearances will link back to it (to save space).
  • The credited guest cast is then listed alphabetically by surname, and again, if there is an actor who is a frequent contributor (such as Dalek operators or voice artistes), they appear in full for their debut, and all later appearances will link back (to save space!).
  • Lastly, there is the principal credited crew for each story, which includes writer(s), director(s), script editor(s) and producer(s). The same rule applies here too - the full entry appears for the person's credited debut, and all subsequent credits link back to that (to save space!).
  • Remember: facts and trivia are being added and modified all the time, and while 99% of what you read has been properly researched, occasionally errors and typos do creep in, so do let me know via the Comment facility on each story entry if you spot something amiss! Or, if you know something new I can add to the site, drop me a line, either via the Comments section or via Twitter @DrWhoCastCrew.
~ Steve (May 2018)

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