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Mission to the Unknown (aka Dalek Cutaway)

Verity Lambert surrounded by some
 of the alien delegates on what
was her final episode as Doctor Who 
One episode (Mission to the Unknown)
First broadcast Oct 9 1965
Average audience for serial: 8.30m

Note: The regular cast (William Hartnell, Maureen O'Brien and Peter Purves) do not appear in this episode, although Hartnell was still credited

Robert Cartland (Malpha) 1922 to Jul 14 2011
Doctor Who credits
 Rill voice in Galaxy 4 (1965)
Played: Malpha in Mission to the Unknown (1965)
Career highlights
Robert's career began in A Gunman Has Escaped (1948) and his CV includes appearances in From Cover to Cover (1958), Compact (1962), Legend of Death (1965), Hadleigh (1969), Doomwatch (1970), Whodunnit! (1973), A Moment in Time (1979), Squaring the Circle (1984), Lytton's Diary (1985) and Covington Cross (1992).
He was artistic director at the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre for a brief time in the 1960s. Carry On star Kenneth Williams referred to Robert as "coarse featured", "vulgar" and "singularly graceless" in his memoirs.

Edward de Souza (Marc Cory) Born Sep 4 1932
Career highlights
Edward has had a long acting career, beginning in A Tale of Two Cities (1957) and including The Kiss of the Vampire (1963), The Mill on the Floss (1965), Rocket to the Moon (1967), Department S (1970), Napoleon and Love (1972), Edward the King (1975), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), The Sweeney (1978), Sapphire and Steel (1982), Hold the Back Page (1985), Hannay (1988), She-Wolf of London (1991), One Foot in the Grave (1993), Jane Eyre (1996), The Gist (2002), New Tricks (2006), Rome (2007), The Golden Compass (2007), The Borgias (2012) and Mr Turner (2014). He also had a regular role as Miles in Marriage Lines (1963-66), Charles Grandmercy in The Troubleshooters (1967-68), Sam Greenland in After Henry (1989-90) and Colin Grimshaw in Coronation Street (2008-09). He was writer and director of Madrid, fin de samana in 1966, and director of Pop sin paff in 1973.
Edward took over from Valentine Dyall as the Man in Black, narrating horror tales on BBC Radio 4 in the 1980s. In retirement, he enjoys watercolour painting and helping out at a Thameside nature reserve.
In 2014 Toby Hadoke released his Who's Round interview with Edward here.

David Graham (Dalek voice) Born Jul 11 1925 Click here for David Graham's entry on The Daleks

Peter Hawkins (Dalek voice) Apr 3 1924 to Jul 8 2006 Click here for Peter Hawkins's entry on The Daleks

Barry Jackson (Jeff Garvey) Mar 29 1938 to Dec 5 2013
Doctor Who credits
Played: Ascaris in The Romans (1965)
Played: Jeff Garvey in Mission to the Unknown (1965)
Played: Drax in The Armageddon Factor (1979)
Career highlights
Barry enjoyed a long career, starting with An Age of Kings (1960) and taking in A for Andromeda (1961), The Desperate People (1963), Kenilworth (1967), Ryan's Daughter (1970), Doomwatch (1972), Diamonds on Wheels (1974), Poldark (1975), Moll Flanders (1975), The New Avengers (1976), Blake's 7 (1978), Churchill and the Generals (1979), Cribb (1981), Them and Us (1985), Fortunes of War (1987), Growing Rich (1992), Three Seven Eleven (1993-94), Bernard's Watch (1999-2000), Wimbledon (2004), Derailed (2005), Toscanini in His Own Words (2009), Foster (2011) and The Wedding Video (2012). He played Walter Peters in A Touch of Frost (1994/2002) and played Dr George Bullard in 76 episodes of Midsomer Murders (1997-2011). Barry also acted as a fight arranger under the name Jack Barry, most notably on Adam Adamant Lives! (1966).
Barry was named after the theatre impresario Sir Barry Jackson, founder of Birmingham Rep.

Robert Jewell (Dalek operator) Jan 20 1920 to May 10 1998 Click here for Robert Jewell's entry on The Daleks

Kevin Manser (Dalek operator) Feb 16 1929 to Dec 21 2001 (bowel cancer) Click here for Kevin Manser's entry on The Daleks

John Scott Martin (Dalek operator) Apr 1 1926 to Jan 6 2009 (Parkinson's Disease) Click here for John Scott Martin's entry on The Web Planet

Gerald Taylor (Dalek operator) Oct 11 1940 to Dec 4 1994 Click here for Gerald Taylor's entry on The Daleks

Jeremy Young (Gordon Lowery) Born 1934
Doctor Who credits
Kal in An Unearthly Child (1963)
Played: Gordon Lowery in Mission to the Unknown (1965)
Career highlights
Debuting in Grip of the Strangler (1958), Jeremy has had a prolific career, appearing in Suspense (1963), Crossroads (1964), Court Martial (1965), Department S (1969), Up Pompeii (1970), Coronation Street (1972), The New Avengers (1976), The Tripods (1984), EastEnders (1988-89), The Scarlet and the Black (1993), Photographing Fairies (1997) and The Debt (2003). He played Neville Crane in Deadline Midnight (1960-61), Athos in The Three Musketeers and The Further Adventures of the Three Musketeers (1966-67) and Klaus in Dick Barton: Special Agent (1979).
Jeremy was married to actress Kate O'Mara between 1961-76. Interviewed in 2005 by Kate Harris for the British Library/ University of Sheffield's Theatre Archive Project, Jeremy said: "I'd started Doctor Who, the very first adventure - my claim to fame in Doctor Who, because the people that write to you, you know the sort of anoraks, say 'You were the very first villain in Doctor Who, you know'. I still get letters these days, and go to conventions and things. They're all mad, they're very nice, very sweet, but they're all mad as hatters!"
In 2016 Toby Hadoke released his Who's Round interview with Jeremy here.


Terry Nation (writer) Aug 6 1930 to Mar 9 1997 (emphysema) Click here for Terry Nation's entry on The Daleks

Derek Martinus (director) Apr 4 1931 to Mar 27 2014 (Alzheimer's Disease) Click here for Derek Martinus's entry on Galaxy 4

Verity Lambert (producer) Nov 27 1935 to Nov 22 2007 (cancer) Click here for Verity Lambert's entry on An Unearthly Child

Donald Tosh (script editor) Born 1935 Click here for Donald Tosh's entry on The Time Meddler

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